Operation Eurotrip Part 4: Berlin to Prague Travel Day

No pictures today. It was just too hard to take pictures through a train Window cruising at a steady 100 mph.

Today was basically a total travel day. Got up, got breakfast and hopped a cab to the Berlin main train station (hauptbanhof) which is quite the impressive structure. 5 floors, 3 with shops, 1 at ground level, 2 above and 2 below with u-bahn and s-bahn connections.

We got there early so we could shop a little and get the wife some shoes that wouldn’t eat her feat up.

Boarding the train was an ordeal due to the crush of people, most of whom had no idea where their car or seat was, if they even had a seat. I’m glad I paid the extra 4 euros for 2 reserved seats or else we could have been standing for 4 hours like the guys outside our compartment. Next time I’m pretty sure that the train will be packed I will probably spring for first class for a little more breathing room.

In the end though it wasn’t all bad. The Canadians outside the compartment were obnoxious but the young Spanish guy backpacking around and the two women from he US were very nice. It’s actually disconcerting how smooth and quiet the train is given the speed. The seats are comfy but you probably want to know the person across from you if you care to stretch out.

Until you get towards dresden and the mountainous areas Germany looks an awful lot like MS and AL. Lots of low rolling farm land and pine forests although there is the occasional wind farm and the homes are much different.

Anyway off the train got some Czech krowns which are all but worthless (20 to the dollar) and walked to the Hilton Olde Town where we got upgraded to an executive room again. Starting to really like Hilton as long as Paris stays away. Day ended with goulash at a local restaurant which was fantastic.

Tomorrow the plan is Prague Castle….

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